Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl 2008

Sunday all the kids came over to hangout at Grandpa and Grandma Holwege's house. It's a fun time when they all get together because they seem to be getting along splendidly. Go NY Giants!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monkey Pants

Emily, Willie, and Kristi made monkey pajama pants for everybody for Christmas, the boys love them! Thanks Auntie Em and Aunt Kristi!
Gavin, Alexis, Korynn, and Alyson love them too!
(Gavin wears his Curious George pajama shirt with his - they match because they are both monkeys)


I wanted to put on a really old, embarrasing picture. However, I had none. So in leiu of that, all she gets on here is a lame, homemade sign that I took a picture of. Oh well. Happy Birthday Sis-we all love you!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alexis turns 6!!

Alexis had her 6th birthday last week. Most of us had a nasty cold this week and so we couldn't even taste the cake - so sad!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ethen and Abbie Mueller

Ethen and Abbie taking a spin together. Jan. 2008

Church Family Group Photos

Hey all, Sorry there are a bunch of photos, some of the others in the family are busy right now and asked me to put these pictures up so here they are =o) Hope you enjoy (cant get the typing by all the pics but the other ones are of Ashely & Maria (Tami's Daughter & Jason's Daughter) There is a older picture that I found so I put that up there too =o) and a recent one of Grandma
and then the group pics are of Ron & Laurene w/ all their grandkids (except chase was at his dad's) and the other is of all of us, Joel came all the way down from Florida for father's day so we were all there together at the same time which hasn't happened in a very long time, it was a great surprise for all of us. Talk to ya all soon
Much love

Nicole & Azbrielle (Scott's wife & daughter) All 6 of us kids together at the same time

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dow Family Happenings

Wow, this blog took off fast!! It's fun to see everyone's pictures. Thanks cousin!

We aren't very exciting at our house. Alyson (8) is in 3rd grade. Alexis (6 next week) is in Kindergarten. Gavin (3 1/2), and Korynn (18 months) grace my days with nonstop entertainment. Things always seem to be moving when you have four kids around! I enjoyed having Kristi, Emily, and Brandon home visiting during Christmas (but missed Tiffany). I feel like I am always super busy but I can't think of anything interesting to tell- sorry.